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Baked goods have food dyes, chemicals, and unhealthy ingredients

Commercial chips and crackers often have many unhealthy ingredients, chemicals, and dyes.  Here are a few (from Dyes: Blue 1, Blue 2 (Lake), Red 40 (lake), Yellow 5 (Lake), Yellow 6 (Lake) Unhealthy or cautionary ingredient: Enriched Flour, High … Continue reading

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Cost, Calories, & Nutrition in Crunch! Alice Crackers versus Commercial Crackers

Bottom line: home-made crackers cost about 8 cents per serving, store-bought 50 cents to a dollar per serving. home-made crackers are far healthier – fewer calories, more fiber, more protein, more vitamins, more minerals and less (trans) fat, sugar, and … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Vitamin Pills Work?

Eleanor Whitney offer this explanation in  “Understanding Nutrition”: Getting vitamins and minerals from food is best because they’re diluted and dispersed among substances that help your body absorb them.  When vitamins and minerals are concentrated in  pills, they interfere with … Continue reading

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Why Whole Grain Chips and Crackers? A Baker’s Dozen reasons

I wrote my book Crunch! Whole Grain Artisan Chips and Crackers because my friends and family said they didn’t know how to add more whole grains to their diet.  They imagined cooking with whole grains meant spending hours watching dough … Continue reading

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