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Grains, legumes (beans and lentils), nuts, and seeds are “mini-vitamin” pills — they have all the nutrition a baby plant needs to grow

Which Grain Mill Is Best?

Coffee & Spice Mills I mention these first because you can buy one for as little as $15 on sale and they’re a good way to find out if you like whole grain, lentil, and bean flour enough to invest … Continue reading

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Where to buy baking half sheets and silicone mats

Baking sheets: half sheets 13″ x 18″ A good baking sheet is heavy so it doesn’t warp in the oven.  It will last a lifetime.  My recipes are designed for a half-sheet, which is 13 x 18 inches. Now and … Continue reading

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Carbohydrate & Fat quality, Salt

Below is a chart from “Components of a cardioprotective diet: new insights” by Dariush Mozaffarian at Harvard University, Associate Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology in the departments of Departments of Epidemiology and Nutrition.  It gives you a good idea of … Continue reading

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Outrageous: experts who say whole wheat flour no better than White Flour?

Bread is called the staff of life because it has more nutrients per weight that fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, and potatoes. Whole wheat flour is better than refined white flour for four reasons according to Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, Associate Professor … Continue reading

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Michael Pollan on fiber and how gut bacteria affect our health

Michael Pollan. May 15, 2013. Some of My Best Friends are Germs. New York Times. In this article, Pollan explores the new science of how our gut flora influence our health.  A lot is unknown at this point, but it … Continue reading

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Best Nutrition Book you can buy: Nutrition for Health and Health Care by Whitney

Eleanor Noss Whitney, et. al. Nutrition for Health and Health Care. I looked through hundreds of nutrition textbooks at the University of California Public Health and Life Sciences libraries, and thought this was by far the best textbook. I’m not … Continue reading

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Over 20 kinds of grain, lentil, bean, rice, corn, and nut flours to make chips & crackers from

Delicious and Nutritious — look at the many kinds of grains, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds you can combine to make really tasty chips and crackers. Chip or Cracker What? Grind in Coffee & Spice Mill Stores: Packaged or bin … Continue reading

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Where to buy Whole Grains, Beans, Lentils, Seeds, Split Peas

This is for the San Francisco Bay Area mainly (though national chains Costco, Whole foods, and Safeway are listed below). If you comment on what is available in your local stores, I’ll add that to a national section if I … Continue reading

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Where to buy Flour: Whole Grain, Bean, Corn, Nut, etc.

Right now this list is for the San Francisco Bay Area — if I get enough comments with information for your town and state I’ll build another national section Black: Whole grain flour    Red: Bean or lentil     Green: Nut or … Continue reading

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Nutrient Balance of Vegetables

You can see Swiss Chard, Green Beans, Corn, potatoes, lentils, split peas in Overview of the Nutrient Balance Indicator at NutritionData Leafy and Salad vegetables                90 Brussels sprouts raw 1 cup 88 g … Continue reading

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