Backpacking in Katmai National Park 2001

By end of the first day, my husband Jeffery and I were calling the trek “The Trip We Hope Nobody Dies On”.   We didn’t realize the first day would be the easiest day of the trip, or that we’d be … Continue reading

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Backpack Tahoe National Forest

Jeffery and I couldn’t figure out a safer way to travel and avoid covid-19 than backpacking.  I was sure after our last backpack trip in Alaska a year ago my backpacking days were over, after all, we’re both senior citizens.  … Continue reading

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Which Grain Mill Is Best?

Coffee & Spice Mills I mention these first because you can buy one for as little as $15 on sale and they’re a good way to find out if you like whole grain, lentil, and bean flour enough to invest … Continue reading

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Dietary supplements can be spiked with hazardous drugs

Jennifer Couzin-Frankel. August 21, 2015. The Supplement sleuth. Some dietary supplements are spiked with drugs. Pieter cohen is out to expose the hazards. Science 349:780-783  Pieter Cohen’s brush with death came at a most inconvenient time: just as he was … Continue reading

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Video: How To Make Custom Crackers From Your Favorite Ingredients

What’s the ultimate cracker?  The one that you make with your own favorite ingredients! In this video, I’ll show you how to invent a cracker from your choice of whole grain, lentil, or nut flours, and favorite spices.   You can … Continue reading

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Video: DIY whole grain mix for homemade crackers and chips

This video shows how to make your own custom whole grain mix, a key ingredient in the cracker and chip recipes in my book, “Crunch! Whole Grain Artisan Chips and Crackers.”   The mix of grains left whole has a one-year … Continue reading

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Book review of Humboldt Life on America’s marijuana frontier

Emily Brady. 2013. Humboldt. Life on America’s marijuana frontier. The tales I hear from my friends in Mendocino and Humboldt counties fascinate me.  There are stories of mayors and sheriffs on opposite sides of the drug war plotting revenge against … Continue reading

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Video: How to make your own whole grain crackers — Easy, healthy, and delicious

This video walks you through the quick, easy steps on how to make your own whole grain crackers.  After you watch the video, you’ll be able to make these crackers yourself.  The unique technique that I demonstrate is from my … Continue reading

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Topping ideas from Sunset Magazine

Better than cheese and crackers (Sunset June 2012) has these recipes: olive and pistachio, beets and preserved lemon, BLT, zucchini and harissa, strawberry mascarpone, and cheese and chocolate, which will work very well on crackers, but wait until you’re within … Continue reading

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Commercial egg white, hummus, and other chips

Bloomberg recently had an article about how a greater variety of chips is available now. Instead of paying 10 times as much to buy them, use these ideas to make your own chips at home. You can use egg whites … Continue reading

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