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Which Grain Mill Is Best?

Coffee & Spice Mills I mention these first because you can buy one for as little as $15 on sale and they’re a good way to find out if you like whole grain, lentil, and bean flour enough to invest … Continue reading

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Corn Flour

I grind dent / field corn in the Nutrimill — it’s why I bought the mill, but it’s a pain in the butt because you have to stand there and push the corn into the holes above the grinder to … Continue reading

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Bean Flour

Add fiber and protein to whatever you’re cooking. Bean flour added to soups and stews cooks in 3 minutes, and thickens sauces quickly.  Bean flour is great for backpacking and camping trips. Make sure your grain mill allows you to … Continue reading

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Where to Buy Whole Grains, Beans, Legumes, Nuts, Seeds, and Flour

I’m mainly listing stores in the San Francisco Bay Area – if you want me to list stores in your town, comment here and if I get a lot of feedback I’ll create a section by state of towns, stores, … Continue reading

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Meet the grains: a mix for home-milled multi-grain flour

Why you should mill many grains, not just flour Every type of grain has it’s own nutritional strengths.  Below I list what each has more of than wheat.  Remember, each grain is like a tiny vitamin pill. Together, a multi-grain … Continue reading

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Why you should mill your own flour and flakes

I’ll help you get started step by step.  First you need to buy some whole grain flour to see if you like the taste and texture before investing in your own grain mill.  My Dad is a Wonder Bread man … Continue reading

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