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Meet the Grains: where to buy them, how to mill them, etc.

World Health Organization studies on health and longevity


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Crunch! Whole Grain Artisan Chips and Crackers: Low-Fat, Low-Sugar, Low-Salt Snack, Garnish or Croutons New, Easy, No-roll method:

2 Responses to Summary

  1. Rodney Robinson says:

    If I may? Hi Alice

    I really appreciated your views that I heard on the JHK podcast. I, for one, know that you are not crazy. My wife and many others think I am “out of it” for buying navy beans, 2,000 lbs at a time.

    I have moved purchasing a flour mill to a much higher position on my list of “get ready” items.

    I expect that now that I have “discovered” you (and I am so glad that I did), I will be living at both your websites for quite a while.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Rodney Robinson
    Kasson Mn

  2. Joe Schwarcz says:

    I would like to interview you on my radio show about your views on Grain Brain which I consider to be a nonscientific book. Can you please email me please?

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