Who Shrunk the Americans?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Americans are shrinking in height, a key indicator of declining health

The poor nutrition of white flour clearly plays a role in this decline.

For two centuries, Americans were the tallest people in the world.

But after World War II, our poor diets, poor health care system, and poor social safety nets have shrunk us.

Now Europeans and the Japanese tower above, even though our health care system costs twice as much.

In Europe and Japan, with universal health care and a generous social safety net, the average height of everyone continues to grow higher. But in the United States, the rich are much taller than the poor, on average.


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I've milled and baked with whole grains for many years, because whole grains are delicious, and white flour is missing the nutrition that protects you from cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and many other diseases. Plus it's a good emergency food.
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