4 layer Reverse Cracker Crumb Pie Crust

This is an old idea – put the crust on top.  Just about any kind of Alice cracker can be used.  You can fill a pie plate with 2 to 3 cups of filling (deep dish), but I prefer to use small glass bowls or wine goblets for each guest with layers of filling, fruit, garnish, and cracker crumbs & nuts.

Filling / Bottom Layer:

  • Yogurt
  • Custard – instant or make your own
  • Fruit, sugar, and milk-based fillings, boiled and thickened with flour, cornstarch, or gelatin
  • Canned pumpkin, mashed sweet potato or yam, sugar, half-and-half, and holiday spices, and flour heated on the stove-top until thickened
  • 12 oz silken tofu, zest and juice of one lemon, ¼ cup sugar
  • No bake Cheesecake from non-fat cream cheese and ricotta
  • Softened sorbet
  • Softened ice cream

Fruit topping layer:  Any combination of chopped fresh or frozen fruit, up to half a cup of dried fruit

Garnish layer (optional): one or more of ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce.

Reverse Crust layer (top): coarsely pureed or chopped crackers and nuts, put on top just before serving so they don’t go soft.

About Alice

I've milled and baked with whole grains for many years, because whole grains are delicious, and white flour is missing the nutrition that protects you from cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and many other diseases. Plus it's a good emergency food.
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2 Responses to 4 layer Reverse Cracker Crumb Pie Crust

  1. Sarath says:

    I make crackers out of grnoud seeds. 1 cup grnoud pumpkin seeds and 1 cup grnoud sunflower seeds ( I use my coffee grinder), 1 tsp salt, 1 egg(beaten), 2 tsp oil; add any spice or herb or just salt. Roll out on parchment paper, score and bake at 325 F. for approx. 30 minutes cool and crack apart. They are very tasty.

    • Alice says:

      I like leaving larger seeds whole because the essence of healthy food is FIBER. grinding kale, cucumber, carrots, yogurt and that kind of think up into a liquid removes much of the fiber… Also, I tried parchment paper, and the silicon mats are far superior…

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