Topping ideas from Sunset Magazine

Better than cheese and crackers (Sunset June 2012) has these recipes: olive and pistachio, beets and preserved lemon, BLT, zucchini and harissa, strawberry mascarpone, and cheese and chocolate, which will work very well on crackers, but wait until you’re within an hour of serving to keep the cracker from softening.

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                          photo by Jeffery Cross

Here are some more Sunset recipes:

New twists on classic bruschetta. Six simple recipes for creative toppings — eggplant with mint, chickpea with octopus, and more

16 tasty eggplant recipes. Sicilian Bruschetta. Caponata, a sweet, tangy Sicilian eggplant-pepper relish, tastes downright addictive spooned over toasts with mild, creamy ricotta cheese.

Fast & Fresh appetizers. Northwest Bounty Bruschetta. Blue cheese, dried tart cherries, crisp green apples, and chopped hazelnuts

10 healthy appetizers. Avocado and Salmon Bruschetta. Smoked salmon, creamy avocado, and pesto

Caramelized Tomato Bruschetta with ricotta and basil leaves

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